During the holidays I finally received my cold juicer and tried my second juice. It’s been very easy and quick to make. I will make a video soon of the slow juicer and how to clean it as it’s often an issue.

I will give each juice a name as a reference to a flower exhibition I did at work some time ago.  No much relation actually, except that I also put a name that wasn’t just the colors of the flower/juice. Ok enough confusion.

I’m looking forward to try the green juice and see if I can drink it because i’m very doubtful hehe



What do you need?

  • Watermelon (about 850g, weight with the skin!)
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 red appel “Royal”


  • Remove the skin from the watermelon and banana.
  • Remove the center of the apple
  • Slow juice the fruits in your cold press juicer until your extract all the juice and serve with ice




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