Superzumos – Agathe Audouze

Batidos Detoxificantes – Eliq Maranik

I have ordered a slow juicer extractor and should receive it within the next 2 weeks hopefully (through my work, otherwise I would have bought it to get it quicker). So now I have a few books to start some delicious and healthy juices. Can’t wait and do some of them for my friends that will enjoy it for sure.

I hope it comes this week, pleeeaaaase 🙂

Recipes I have to try:

  • Zumo Tonificante (supervitaminico, tonificante, estimulante, antioxidante
  • Zumo Aire fresco (estimulante, tonificante, réminerálizante, antioxidante, detox
  • Detoxificante de remolacha

superzumos2 superzumos3