27th of February was the exact date. 1 year that I started this blog about food photography, recipes, tests and challenges. This date, unfortunately is also the date when my mum passed away 🙁 . I had prepared the poster for weeks and even if my mum wasn’t well for a long time, I was far from thinking she could go so quickly.

So I decided to post it today because she admire what I was doing and liked looking at it.

It is a strange coincidence because I got the passion for cooking from my mum since I was a small child. My mum was a great chef, she loved cooking and was great at it. For some years she also cooked in the family restaurant and customers loved it. It’s only about a year ago that i started this blog to share what I do or what I try and because I love web design, blogs and food photography it was the perfect combination.

This date will remain for ever in my mind.

I didn’t really have time to make a beautiful celebration cake, just this simple apple cake in one of my new baking tray that I bought recently.