The galette des rois is a cake traditionally shared at Epiphany, on 6 January. It celebrates the arrival of the Three Wise Men in Bethlehem. Composed of a puff pastry cake, with a small charm, the fève, hidden inside, it is usually filled with frangipane, a cream made from sweet almonds, butter, eggs and sugar.
As I’m not believer of any religion, this is for me more the right excuse to bake this cake rather than anything else. Many people eat the brioche style with fruits instead but I prefer this one.
What do you need?
  • 100g of sugar
  • 100g of butter
  • 100g of ground almonds
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 puff pastry


  1. Beat the soft butter in your KitchenAid until you obtain a cream, add the sugar and continue to whip until it has a soft white texture.
  2. add 1 egg, continue to beat and add half of the almonds
  3. add the other egg and the rest of the almonds and beat until you obtain a soft texture
  4. Spread the batter on the first puff pastry without going until the borders you will need the space to close and seal the 2 pastry together
  5. Press the edges with a fork to seal. Brush the tops of the galette with beaten egg to have a nice finish.


ps. Yes it should have not been square but I the pastry I bought wasn’t round and I didn’t remember to cut it in circle before putting it in the oven so it was too late 🙂


  1. WOW….I did not know that one, one the brioche style one. This looks amazing and so yammy….all the ingredients I love 🙂

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