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The winter is the best excuse to eat those amazing cheese dishes, that aren’t light at all for sure but so delicious that I could eat it once a week… If you are French it’s probably 100% sure that you love Raclette, but now you can eat it in many other countries too I think. However, Mont d’Or or ‘Vacherin’ is not something that is as well known but it is as delicious if not more.

Mont d’Or is a cheese that you can find in both France (Jura region) or Switzerland with some small differences. My mum brought be two of those when she came for Christmas. It’s delicious to eat with a fresh baguette also but the best for me it’s to eat it up in the oven and eat with potatoes and ham.

What do you need:

  • 1 mont d’or
  • 5cl of white wine
  • 1 tablespoon of cream (thick crème fraiche)
  • Potatoes
  • Ham

To prepare your Mont d’Or for the oven, this is what I do.

In order for the box not to burn in the oven, remove gently the plastic film around the box (not only the one on top but the one with the name around the box, you don’t want it to melt in the oven! But be careful as sometime it would break the wooden box if you remove it too quickly. Wrap the wooden box with a wet kitchen cloth and let it still while you do your potatoes and preheat the oven at 220°C. Take the wood tap of the box and put it in water.

DO NOT REMOVE the cheese from the box and most importantly don’t remove the cheese crust. Everything needs to be melted and eaten. I dare to mention this as many people remove the cheese skin and it’s a real sacralège! It’s where all the taste is.

You are going to prepare your potatoes while the wooden box gets humid. You can either boil the potatoes, steam cook them or like me fry them in a bit of oil with parsley, garlic, salt and black pepper. It’s a questions of choice.

Take your Mont d’Or cheese, remove the kitchen cloth, put some kitchen foil around it and put the Mont d’Or box in the tap that you had put in water before.

Make a hole in the cheese and add the white wine, and spread the tablespoon of cream on top. Bake in the oven for around 30mn until you see the cheese well melted and starting to get a bit brown. Once down, remove and serve it in the middle of your table. Everyone can now take some cheese with a spoon and spread on their potatoes. enjoy!

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I’m adding a picture of the empty box when you have finished it 🙂

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