Today in my kitchen, a series of a few photos from my kitchen to discover the only place where I would prefer to stay instead of going to work for example 🙂

° T H E    S A L T °

  • Sepia (Cuttlefish) black ink salt from the island of Minorca, Spain
  • Himalaya pink salt
  • Gingembre & Citronelle salt from Ibiza, Spain
  • Wild garlic salt
  • Maldon salt, United Kingdom
  • Chili salt from Dumfriesshire, Scotland
  • Seaweed salt from Dumfriesshire, Scotland
  • Last picture is a pepper mill handcraft made by my dad from diverse precious wood – you can see what he does here

I also have standard salt obviously, low sodium salt and coarse salt which are not showing on the picture

Also we should not eat too much salt and it will take my years to use all of them, I like to add the right salt to my dishes. It can help gets some additional flavour if you use it with care, it can be necessary for some cooking process or tricks while baking.

Below a few pictures of them, you’ll recognise some them easily.

salt - 2 (1) salt - 2 salt - 3




  • Pepper mill on the pictures is useful to break the coarse salt. Handcraft made by my dad (in south of France) from diverse precious wood – you can see what he does here