I always like to cook these mini everything. Last night for my friends dinner I made a mini “cocotte” as an aperitif. Aperitif before dinner is very important in France at least and as I’m French we is it at home in Spain too

What do you need?

  • Egg
  • Tablespoon of white wine
  • 1 slice of chorizo
  • Some Roquefort
  • Spices

Put some butter in your cocotte to make sure it doesn’t stick. Poor the tablespoon of white wine, break the egg inside. Add the slice of chorizo in the white and add a bit of Roquefort also.

Put your cocotte in a bain  marie oven tray with about 1 cm of water. You can add at the bottom a sheet of baking paper to avoid that it boils and get water inside your cocotte. Bake for arround 15mn at 150 degrees. Stop earlier if you prefer them less cooked

A very easy and simple apertif with the wow effect.


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